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Pleated polypropylene water filter cartridge


Description(water purifier filter)

  Polypropylene pleated filter is a depth filter cartridge, commonly used as liquid pre-heat, clear filtration and final filtration. Features as follows: the ultra-fine polypropylene fiber membrane filter media, low dropout, high throughput, good filtration, low economic cost, all-polypropylene structure, cover, shell and center pole are made of polypropylene material; fused using hot-melt process, which, after melting of PP and PP self adhesive, no adhesive; a wide range of chemical compatibility; a series of apertures and a variety of interfaces in the form.


1,Electronics industry: pre-filtration reverse osmosis water system, de-ionized water filtration system.

2, Pharmaceutical Industry: Pharmaceutical, biotechnology and plasma products, filtration, compressed air and gas filtration.

3, Food and beverage industry: mineral water, beverages, fruit juice, wine filtration.

4, Chemical industry: organic solvents, ink filter.

5, Oil industry: oil field water filter.


 Technical parameters


    Filtration precision





Filtration area


Filter socket

                 flat pressing, insert type,card into

maximum workingtemperature



maximumpressure differential