microporous pleated filter

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Large flow PP microporous pleated filter


Products introduction

Large flow PP microporous pleated filter by graphene fiber membrane PP and screen and support layer folding, filter shell, center pole and cover with hot melt welding technology processing, no leakage, no two pollution. Large diameter, no internal skeleton, one-way end cap opening, folding, in going out. The domestic water treatment of large flow filtering technology, PALL ,3M, PARKE and other imported brands interchangeable, large flow filter and filter size, single opening folded filter, taken from the inside to the outside of the flow, the high velocity folded filter insures long life and high capacity, low cost and stable filtration velocity. By reducing the risk of leakage caused by guarantee filter quality; simple design, convenient installation and moving, reduce the filter caused by changing the human cost to ensure safety.

Products Feature

1)Low costs of system performance

2)Superior dirt holding capacity

3)High efficiency

4)Uniform size and easy to replace

5)Consistent quality


Products Application

Drinking water industry and food industry.

Soda acid liquid filtration during chemical process.

Boiler & Power plant condensed water filtration.

Active pharmaceutical ingredients, solvents, water filtration bio-pharmaceutical industry

Water recycling system and environment protection

R.O. and normal water treatment, etc.

Seawater filter desalinization

Water pre-filtration treatment.