PP melt blown polypropylene filter

1、High flow rate

2、long service life

3、good filtration efficiency
4、widely chemical compatibility

Product Descript
melt blown polypropylene filter

 The melt blown micro-fiber is self-bonded and formed a 3D pore structure. It is designed to have continuously graded pore structure to provide both pre-filtration and final-filtration.




High contaminant holding capacity

Long service life


Low pressure drop

Micro straining melt-blown filtration fiber, high removal rating

PP series cartridges, self-bonded with no chemical binder.

Multi-Layer structure (fibers fineness varying from inner to outer of the filter.)

Cartridge structure progressively looses from inside to outside, so the cartridges contaminant catching capacity is increased and the lifetime isprolonged.


PP Series Safety


F.D.A compliant


Chemical resistance: 100% polypropylene for compatibility with a wide range of process fluids, and good chemical resistance acid.



Technical Data

 PP melt blown sediment cartridge filters