Polypropylene pleated membrane filter

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 0.2 micron polypropylene membrane pleated water filter cartridges

 Using 100% food grade Polypropylene (PP) as meterial,the cotton string wound filter cartridge contains no wetting egents, solvents,antistatic agents or binders.

   Product Name: 0.2 micron Polypropylene pleated membrane filter cartridges
     • Micron Rate: 0.5-150micron
     • Material:  polypropylene
     • Structure:  3-Layer
     • Certification: NSF
     • Type:  Water Filter Parts
     • Color:  White
     • Application: Water Purifier System/Pre Filter/RO System
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0.2 micron polypropylene membrane pleated water filter cartridges


By spedial production technology to control the diameter of PP fiber , the micron rate of filter cartridge is controlied.Removing efficience can reach 98%.


The suiface layer of the cotton string wound filter cartridge is designed to be low dendity to assure the high dirt-holding capability , while the inner layer is hidher density to keep the accurate filtration ability to small particles. The density is 30% higher filtration eftect than the general type.


Large amount of sewage

    Filtration of sediment, rust and other turbid substances in water


    Depth filtration, efficient and stable removal of impurities in water


Stratified filtration

    The three layer filtration integrates the surface, deep layer, coarse and fine filtration


    Without any chemical agents, more hygienic and safer


Better dirt-holding capacity

    Acid, alkali and organic compounds have good chemical stability


    30% filtration capacity is increased by compared to other non gradient products


0.2 micron polypropylene membrane pleated water filter cartridges


PP Sediment melt blown filter carrtridge operating data

MaterialOperating tempFiltration lifeMAX.operatingMAX.flow
PP strings with PP core4℃-52℃10” Standard: 3-6months/3500G
10” Big Blue: 4-6months/6500G
*Depends on water quality and leval of contaminants
60psi10” Standard: 5GPM
10” Big Blue: 11GPM


PP strings with SS core



Absorbent Cotton strings with SS core4℃-120℃110psi



Specification table

Model No.Length(inch)O.D(inch)I.D(mm)Qty(pcs/CTN)Ctn size (cm)
S-PPW10 (Super puregrade)102.528,305032×32×52