PP folding filter

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Product description

 High flow pp folding filter cartridge 40 inch pleated filter for pool Filter

swimming filter cartridge is made of active carbon particles,which are sintered together with cohesive solvent.The innerlayer of the filter cartridge is polypropylene frame that can improve the filter cartridge's Pressure-resistant strength.Both the frame and the outer layer of the action carbon filter cartridge are wrapped by two layers of super fine polypropylene filber felt,so that the filter cartridge has dual functions of filtration and purification.The filter cartridge has a white plastic net cover so as to have a clean and tidy appearance.

Product Introduction

 folding pool mineral water filter cartridges

Application field of pool filter element (blue water filter core) :

It is mainly used for condensing water, medium water reuse and RO reverse osmosis.

filter cartridge

ldinool mineral water filter cartridges

Performance of the pool filter element (blue water filter core) :

The large flow filter is composed of a 200mm multi-layer polyester fiber folding filter and resin end cover. The surface area of a single filter can reach up to 5 square meters, which is equivalent to 29 common security filters.Using a large flow filter element can effectively reduce the number of filter cartridges in a filter, thus reducing the replacement frequency and replacing the required labor.