Wirewound filter features and uses

The wirewound filter is generally made of finely woven textile fiber yarns with excellent filtration properties. Its yarn materials generally include polypropylene fiber, acrylic fiber, and absorbent cotton fiber.

When wrapping, it is necessary to manipulate the surrounding tightness and density of the yarn to make filter cores with different precisions.

Deep filter core for low-viscosity, low-mass filtration, usually made of textile fiber thread, carefully wrapped around the porous skeleton according to a specific process, with a sparsely dense inner honeycomb structure, which can effectively remove the fluid Sediment particles and rust and other impurities have good filtration properties.
                                                     wirewound filter
Filter features:
1: High filtration precision, large flow rate, small pressure difference, high pressure resistance, large amount of dirt, non-toxic and tasteless, no secondary pollution.
2: The filter pore size is small and large, and has excellent deep filtration effect;
3: The filter element is made of different materials to ensure various liquid filtration requirements and achieve effective filtration effect.