Wire wound filter filter capacity and structure

The wire wound filter is a precision tubular deep filter element. It is made of textile fiber roving, which is precisely wound on a porous skeleton according to a certain process. Control the winding density when winding, that is, the filter element with different filtering precision.
                                                           wire wound filter
The wire wound filter element is a sparsely dense inner honeycomb structure, so it has excellent filtration characteristics, which can remove impurities such as suspended matter, particles, rust and sediment in the liquid. The wire-wound filter element is generally wound by a textile fiber yarn on a porous skeleton, and then the filter layer winding density and the filter hole shape can be controlled to produce a filter element with different filtration precision. Therefore, this can effectively remove suspended matter and particles in the liquid, because it can withstand higher filtration pressure, so the filter pore size is generally small outside and small, with very good deep filtration effect, good compatibility and high The filter load capacity can be made of a variety of materials to meet the requirements of various liquid filtration.

Generally speaking, the material is mostly made of PP cotton, absorbent cotton and glass fiber. The inner skeleton has PP, galvanized iron or stainless steel. The wire wound filter performance is characterized by high filtration precision, large flow, small pressure difference and pressure resistance. High strength, large amount of dirt, large service life, non-toxic, odorless, no secondary pollution.