What you need to know about using String Wound Filter Cartridge

String Wound Filter Cartridge is a more commonly used filter element in filters. People engaged in professional water treatment technology industries should be familiar with this product. The shelf life of wire wound filter elements is closely related to the application process. If used incorrectly, it will affect The life of the filter element and the interim effect.

1. The temperature of the filter medium; the frame of the wire-wound filter element is generally PP and stainless steel, and the material is also described in detail. The PP frame and PP material have the lowest temperature resistance.

2. The pressure of the filter medium; this is generally related to the filter frame. The PP frame has a low pressure resistance. The stainless steel frame has a high pressure resistance. When the pressure is low, it needs to be pressurized. Can be solved.

3. The diameter of the media particles to be filtered. The accuracy of the general wirewound filter is 1-100 microns. According to the media to be filtered, select the appropriate accuracy. If filtering the dirty water requires fine accuracy, it will inevitably lead to the use of the filter. The deadline is greatly affected, so everyone must clearly understand the diameter of the fine particles of the filtered medium in order to properly select the filtering accuracy.

4. The acidity and alkalinity of the filter medium; There are several materials for wire-wound filter elements; PP, absorbent cotton, and glass fiber. PP is more commonly used in water treatment technology. The key is to filter neutral or weakly acidic and alkaline liquids, absorbent cotton and glass. Fiber can also filter strong acids and alkalis.