Matters needing attention when replacing PP winding filter

PP After long-term use, the PP winding filter element needs to be replaced, which can be solved by adding a rubber pad. When placing the filter element, you should also pay attention to putting the filter element straight. If you ca n’t screw the filter bottle, do n’t screw it hard. Unscrew the filter bottle and put the filter element back to the right to avoid damage to the filter element.
PP winding filter
After the PP winding filter element is installed, it must be flushed before it can be connected to the subsequent system. The general flushing time must be guaranteed for more than 5 minutes. When is the filter element replaced? There is no rigid standard. The use time of the filter element will depend on the water quality. Generally, it is 6-8 months, but it is best not to exceed 1 year.

After selecting a good PP filter element, the correct installation and replacement of the filter element will ensure the normal operation of the filter element. Generally, the diameter of PP cotton filter is uniform and dense, and the highest precision can reach 1μm. It is mainly used to filter out impurities larger than 1μm in tap water. In addition, the filtering process of PP cotton filter is because the PP cotton filter belongs to the first stage of water purifier. In the filter element, more than 80% of the impurities will be filtered at this stage, and the more impurities filtered, the easier the filter element will be blocked. Therefore, the life span of PP cotton filter is very short, and it may take more than two months to replace the filter in areas with poor water quality.