Maintenance method of PP winding filter

          When the PP winding filter is used to meet the design flow, then the filter needs to be opened after the shutdown to remove the filter element. Then you can use the water on the faucet to rinse the dirt on the surface, then soak for 24 hours, then immerse in 4% sodium hydroxide for 24 hours and then take it out, and then rinse it on the faucet.
PP winding filter
          After the flushing is completed, you need to check the PP winding filter device for damage. For example, check whether the O-ring is damaged. If the O-ring is damaged, you need to replace the O-ring. At the last installation, you need to install the filter according to the method of filter installation. Rinse under less than 0.1Mpa pressure.

           If the filter element needs to be shut down for a long time after use, please remove the filter element, clean it according to the method described above, dry it and keep it properly, and use it again next time it is turned on.