Introduction of cleaning method after pp folding filter is contaminated

Pp folding filter is a kind of new filter element which is more common in water treatment filter. It needs not only maintenance and maintenance work, but also needs to know how to clean after pp folding filter is contaminated. Generally, it is suitable for PP folding filter. Cleaning methods can be divided into two major categories: physical cleaning methods and chemical cleaning methods.

For the daily cleaning of the pp folding filter, we generally use the physical cleaning method, which is divided into the following three different methods:
1. Anti-scouring: use cleaning water to enter from the ultrafiltration port of the filter element and pass through the filter core, and then rush to the side of the concentration port. The reverse flushing method can be used to remove the cover surface, but special attention should be paid during backwashing to prevent overpressure. Prevent the filter element from being broken or damage the sealing joint surface.
                                                                    pp folding filter
2. Isobaric flushing: Close the ultrafiltration water valve to open the concentrated water outlet valve, and increase the flow rate to flush the outer surface of the filter. This method is generally useful for removing many soft impurities on the outer surface of the filter.
3. High-purity water cleaning: Due to the increased purity of water, the solubility is enhanced. When cleaning, the ultra-filtered water can be used to wash away the loose dirt on the filter surface, and then rinse with pure water.

If the filter element is seriously polluted and the physical cleaning can not restore it, then it needs to be cleaned with a chemical cleaning agent. The general method is to use chemical and filter element impurities to carry out chemical reaction to reach the purpose of cleaning the filter element.

There are also principles in the selection of chemicals in the chemical cleaning process. First, no chemical reaction can occur with other materials of the filter element and components. Second, the selected drugs should prevent secondary pollution.