Detailed introduction to Wirewound filter

          Wirewound filter is a deep-layer filter element, which can be used for some low-viscosity and low-impurity filtering. The general material is a textile fiber thread that is precisely wound around a porous skeleton (usually made of stainless steel or polypropylene) according to a specific process It is a honeycomb structure with dense outer and inner layers. This can effectively remove suspended solids, particles and rust in the fluid, and has very good filtering characteristics.
Wirewound filter
           Wire-wound filter has a good winding process that can affect the filtering effect of the filter material. Generally, the ideal winding process is more dense from the outside to the inside, because the thickness and tension of the wire are used to control the winding. Filter density. Only this kind of structure with dense inner and thin outer can achieve the effect of depth filter. It can further improve the effective filtration efficiency, so that it can intercept more dirt particles.

            The filtering accuracy of the wound filter is generally determined by the thickness and winding density of the wire. Therefore, the thinner the wire, the closer it can be. Higher.